Monday, September 24, 2012

On Keeping It in Perspective

My friend Corley always tells me I sound like superwoman on my blog, but truthfully, some days I feel like anything but. I hope that I do a good job of being honest about my everyday struggles and challenges. The whole reason I wanted to blog in the first place, is to connect with people and create a place for me to share my life and my interests, and be realistic about it too. I’m not interested in creating an image; reaching out and communicating issues I’m trying to overcome is one of the most rewarding parts about blogging.

I’m doing a lot of reflecting today about keeping things in perspective, a skill I am, admittedly, not so good at. My grade book for the online class doesn’t work, appointments get canceled and moved around, the “express” lane at the grocery store takes 20 minutes. It all annoys me, a lot.

Some phone calls to friends and family remind me there are much bigger challenges: people have issues with finding employment, with their health, and with struggling to overcome the loss of a loved one. An article I read earlier this week reminds me that outside of our part of the world, women still face horrible treatment. Who cares about technological difficulties or lines at the grocery store? Sometimes, my own annoyance at little things literally makes me mad at myself. Why can’t I just realize my problems are pretty trivial and be happy all the time?

I know, that last line was completely unrealistic. No one can feel happy all the time, and everyone struggles to keep perspective, the truth is, I think this is something people do better with as they grow and mature. Brendan is older than me and has more life experience, so he’s good about reassuring me “Yep, this is life,” and I realize whatever I’m going through is normal. I’ve always tended to be younger than most of my friends, so I watch and learn a lot from them, but I still have times where I blow things out of proportion in ways that Brendan typically would not. Talking to my mom on a daily basis also helps me keep life in prospective. She lets me vent, which is cathartic, but also reminds me the only way out is through, and that every challenge is surmountable.

In the end, I try not to beat myself up about it. My life won’t always feel easy because no one’s life does, and that is the bottom line. Reminding myself about how good I have it is helpful, but there will be times in my life where I face disappointment, and like every person, I have to experience and work past that, no matter how big or small my problems are in the grand scheme of things.

And though I think it's really good and important to maintain a constant awareness of the world outside of oneself, sometimes, all you need to do is worry about yourself and making it through your day. Accepting that every life entails a certain portion of major and minor road bumps is another step. If you anticipate upsets, they are easier to take. Recognizing other factors that contribute to self-professed overreactions is handy too. For me, stress is my issue. If I'm already stressed, I will over-react to basically any scenario. Managing my stress by eating well, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, taking brisk walks, and practicing yoga is paramount. Not that I won't lose my perspective because I'm doing these things, but that I am quickly able to gain access to it again. 

I'll find someone to help me with my grade book, appointments are rescheduled for tomorrow, and as for the one popular grocery store here? Well, we will never head there on Sunday night again (lesson learned). I'm sure my week won't be perfect, but I'll remind myself to see the many aspects of it that are, and to appreciate what is going right in our lives. Plus, I'll keep on keeping on with working out and eating right; I know taking care of myself means I'll have a better perspective about everything. So what about you, any tips on keeping it in perspective? We hope you'll share them. 

Keep on keeping on,
<3 S, B, L&Z 

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  1. Just keep on doing yoga with me and I think we will be alright!


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