Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Crazy Fall

Well blog readers, I know I've been slack since I left for our Northeast trip in mid-July, but our lives over here are crazy.

We have 8 weekends completely booked this Fall, meaning one or both of us is out of town. After traveling 12 hours today, I realized I will be back on a plane on Thursday, in just a few days.

I don't regret that life is like this this Fall, because I have no idea what I would say no to. I enjoy going to friends weddings, having friends in town, traveling for work, traveling to see family, and traveling just the two of us. I wouldn't change anything, so we'll just have to roll with it. Once, Brendan said of our crazy lives that we'd just have to accept it, because obviously, things were never settling down anytime soon. I guess that's true, because those words were spoken over a year ago, and I feel like we're constantly on the go.

That said, between the insanity that is Fall, and my new job, where I am responsible for 175 students and grading their papers, you may hear a little less from me than usual. I'll try to stay up to date with recipes, book reviews, and musings from a life being "well lived," but if exhaustion gets the best of me, forgive me.

Today, we just returned home from a beautiful wedding near Philadelphia. One of my college friends, Julie, was married, and I was able to see and introduce Brendan to many college friends. We had an awesome time, came home, and...had a power outage. Now that power has been restored, we plan to rest. I need to be up at 6am tomorrow for work, so rest is in order!

I do feel a little boggled from my routine being basically perpetually "off track," but I recommend traveling with a pillow and oversized sweatshirt to be used as a blanket. Other than that, drink plenty of water and try to pass out asleep on every plane. I have no idea how many planes I've been on this year (10 or more round trips...another 5 to go in 2012??), at least I love to travel.

Here's to the start of September! Book I listened to (as in audiobook) in August coming soon!

Happy start of Fall,
<3 S, B, and glad we're home L&Z

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