Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Perfect Start

It's been a perfect start to another nice weekend in town.

The weather here has cooled off, so we've been able to turn off the AC (finally) and enjoy the cold (41 degrees right now). Last night, we bundled up and headed to the Midland College Art Guild "Pumpkin Carving Spectacular and Stuff." I had a blast carving my pumpkin, while Brendan did most of the hard work :)

Nearing our final product: 

We came home and had a "Midterm grading party." We put on classical music, lit a candle, made some hot chocolate, and spent the night grading and complaining about our pens (I think a trip to office depot is in our near future). I am very thankful that Brendan and I both have the same career. I think most partners would find a Friday night grading party strange and annoying, but we're very used to the cycle of our lives. We know the busy times are inevitable and worth it because we will enjoy restful, long breaks later. (By the way, my countdown to Thanksgiving has definitely commenced. 3.5 weeks!)

A few hours later, after it was decided we had reached saturation with grading, (I believe I am 140 down, 35 to go--I've been working through them since last Monday), we put on Friday the 13th. Cheesey horror movies have a special place in our hearts because we started dating in October, when there was nothing but scary movies on TV. The fall and the holiday season always bring back so many great memories for me. The cats really enjoy hanging out with us while we watch movies too. It's fun to have the whole "family" cuddled up on the couch.

This morning, Brendan let me sleep in a bit, and I woke up to the sounds of him making me breakfast. We like to surprise each other by sneaking out of bed and starting breakfast. Such a nice way for the other person to wake up. These apple pancakes (or "Apple Dutch Babys") are almost ready, and boy do they smell great.

Our plans this weekend include running some errands, a halloween get together for which we have no costumes yet (see running errands), and hopefully, doing a major overhaul revision on my story while Brendan works on a paper for a conference that takes place in a week and a half.

It sure was nice to get "A Perfect Start" on it all.

What did your "perfect start" look like this weekend?
<3 S, B, L&Z

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