Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lauren and Steve's Wedding

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When it comes to my friends, "there ain't no mountain high enough." I traveled 2,000 miles this weekend to be a bridesmaid in my friend Lauren's wedding. We met as freshman in college and have been close friends ever since. Highlights of our friendship: sharing a room the size of an actual closet, Lauren letting me crash at her apartment for a summer internship, and Lauren renting a car and driving from New Orleans to Lake Charles, Louisiana to come see me during graduate school (now that is dedication). We have many great memories together, so it was an emotional day, as I watched my friend say "I do" to Steve. Since the two met in February 2011, they have brought so much happiness to one another.

Here are some highlights from the big day:

Lauren before the first dance. All smiles and so happy :)

With my friends Cheryl and Tara, also great friends from college. Love these ladies, and loved hanging out with them all weekend. It was so fun to all be bridesmaids together.

Lauren was a stunning bride. Her and Steve cut their beautiful cake with a cake cutter that was given to Lauren by her grandmother and used in her grandmother's wedding.

Lauren loved that veil. This is a shot of the groom, Steve.

What a special day! It was totally worth all the traveling all day Friday and Monday.

Now that I'm home (as of 10:30pm last night), I dove full force into the work week. I woke up at 6am this morning to teach my 8am class. All is well in week 7 of the semester...when I got home, I went to the gym with Brendan, and now, I'm doing laundry/preparing to grade while he cooks dinner. It's just another crazy week as we prepare to leave for New Mexico on Friday (seriously!).

Lauren and Steve's wedding marks the end of our 2012 weddings: we've seen four couples tie the knot this year: Kelsey and Amir (March in Austin), Jack and Becky (July in Washington, D.C.), Julie and Dave (September in Philly), and Lauren and Steve (October in Skaneateles, NY). All of the weddings have been perfect and great fun. Goodbye wedding season 2012. Its been fun!

Here's to the wedding celebrations of 2012!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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