Saturday, October 20, 2012

When In: Carlsbad, New Mexico

Last weekend, we took a 2 year anniversary trip to Carlsbad, NM. It made me a little sad to think this is our last time celebrating this "anniversary," but I'm also happy we'll have a wedding anniversary, and we decided since October is such a beautiful month here in west Texas, we'll just keep taking October trips anyway!

We stayed in a beautiful little hotel called The Trinity. It used to be an old bank, and now it is restored and has 9 rooms. We were more than happy with the accommodations, especially the bathroom! We also enjoyed free coffee and pastries in the mornings, which were amazing, and free wine tasting and appetizer on Saturday. I bought Brendan four bottles of the wine for his anniversary gift (he gave me a lovely pair of citrine earrings).

We had a wonderful meal on Friday night at the Trinity Hotel restaurant. We were all dressed up, but of course, I didn't get pictures, fail. However, the meal was perfect; They even gave us free dessert! It was a rainy night, so we made ourselves comfortable at the hotel.

The rest of our weekend weather was spectacular. We woke up early on Saturday and headed to Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  We did a 4.2 mile hike on "Devil's Hall Trail." It was very rocky, and mostly void of other visiters. We enjoyed it a lot, but were very tired at the end.

We found some prickly pears, which Brendan could not contain himself from eating...the pricklies stayed on his tongue for 24 hours! Our hike was so beautiful and colorful. October is definitely a nice month here! 

We finally made it to Devi's Hall: 

That night, after clean up and wine tasting, we ate a great dinner at a place called YellowBrix right near our hotel. They had live music and delicious food, and we enjoyed eating outside, as it was a nice evening for it.

The next morning, we had a leisurely breakfast, and then headed out to Carlsbad Caverns. We had no reservations (they had sold out days before when I first thought to look), but luckily, someone had canceled their tour, so we were able to buy tickets for the Kings Palace tour. It was pretty awesome!

We had a blast on our fun weekend away! New Mexico was definitely on our list of places we wanted to visit, so we're really glad we checked this out.

Here are some of our other getaways close to Midland:

Fort Davis, Marfa, Alpine, Balmorhea (TX)
Monahans, Alpine & Big Bend National Park (TX) 

Happy Trails to You!
<3 S, B, L&Z


  1. it looks like the uni-bomber had a baby with a cheerleader

  2. haha, yeah, I have my own unique style :)


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