Friday, November 30, 2012

Ornaments On Our Tree (2012 Edition)

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we're ringing in the Christmas season right on time.

We've added many new ornaments to our tree this year: Here are some of my favorites:

This is my next favorite ornament: It says "Our Engaged Christmas" at the bottom, and I picked it because we'll be spending our engaged Christmas in Connecticut, and this ornament reminds me of the staircase at Brendan's parent's house, and I always want to remember where we were. The star on the tree has the year. 
Brendan's mom collects these ornaments for me. So far, I have Santa, Mrs. Claus, an angel, and a bell ringer. I love these vintage ornaments, and Brendan says his mom (who is a professional treasure hunter) collects a different collection for each member of the family. I love that tradition. 

I had to get Ms. Lola and Zoe their own Christmas kitty ornaments. Each ornament has their name and the year they were born (2008) on it.

Brendan's mom got this one for us. Our tree has kind of a bird theme: we have a bluebird, a redbird, and an owl. Seems fitting for birds to be on a tree!

Corley gave me this "S" ornament. Let me give you a hint: it doesn't stand for Santa :)

Ode to our travels across the Northeast this summer. This ornament only has the names of some of the states we hit: NYC, CT, NJ, D.C., Boston, and Maine. In case you have forgotten: Our names are Brendan and Stacy :) Kind of ridiculous how much I have personalized on this tree.

A flying elephant, or an elephant angel. We're not really sure, but we found him in San Antonio.

We also collected ornaments from Alpine, TX, Walt Disney World, and Palm Springs, CA since decorating for last Christmas. It's been quite the crazy travel year...we've been to 15 states in the year 2012...and I definitely don't always remember to get an ornament.

I love our little tree. Decorating it always puts me in the Christmas spirit...but if we get any more ornaments, we'll need a bigger tree.

Not what I had in mind, Brendan...

For more ornaments,  Check out Ornaments On Our Tree 2011.
Happy decorating! We're off to watch White Christmas and eat cookies.
<3 S, B, L&Z

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