Monday, November 5, 2012

Sun is Up!

Wow, another work week begins. I really enjoyed waking up to a sunny room. It made me want to immediately get out of bed rather than snuggle under the covers. I'm starting off the day right with a smoothie (1/2 frozen banana, handful of frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup of apple juice, and a few heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt).

This weekend was pretty low key. Brendan worked on his paper, and I accomplished some household tasks and did some relaxing between paper grading rounds (The next batch starts coming in on Friday). We did do a couple of fun things: One, my friend Kristen hosted a Day of the Dead party on Friday night, which was a blast, and two, we watched the movie In Bruges. The film was written/directed by Martin McDonagh, whose plays we've had the pleasure of seeing at Hyde Park Theatre in Austin, Texas. The film was a very dark comedy, but we both enjoyed it (though I did close my eyes at some parts).

I know this next week will be crazy because we're flying to San Antonio on Wednesday night. I'm excited, but also know there's a lot I need to get situated before I go.

Another thing I'm excited about: our wedding is exactly 8 months from today :) That still seems like a long time, but when I think that when we started this process it was 13 and 1/2 months away, I really do feel like time is going fast.

In addition to the tasks mentioned here, here, and here, we've picked bridesmaid dresses (and all bridesmaids have placed their orders), the suits are starting to come in and be picked up by groomsmen, we've booked most all of our honeymoon (more details to come), hair and make-up is booked for me, bridesmaids, and mothers, we've booked a videographer (something I wasn't sure about, but decided to go for because my grandmother may not be able to actually be at our wedding, as it is hard for her to travel). We've also taken care of some little tasks, like ordering some personalized items for the reception and return address labels.

There is a still much to do, but I feel like we're at a good point. Some people have asked why I don't blog more about the wedding. Honestly, besides updates every now and then or areas where I really feel I can give advice (recent topics include engagement photos, registries, and wedding dress shopping), there isn't a whole lot to say. I'm very excited (believe me, I know the daily countdown), but I don't want to make the wedding the focus of my life (until the month before, ha). Right now, I'm focusing on everything that's in front of me: my career, the upcoming holidays, and just enjoying the present and staying active in it (easier said than done). However, I'm always open to taking specific topic suggestions via email.

Anyway, time to get working! Good thing I have miss Zoe curled up next to me.
Here's to your week!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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