Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Take It Easy

Remember the last post when I wrote that I was going to grade a million papers a day and work out everyday this week? Not. Gonna. Happen.

I've not been feeling 100% since Sunday, and though I went to yoga Monday night, I definitely felt today that working out would actually be more harmful than helpful to my health.

It's very hard for me to take a day off. I'm very schedule oriented, but sometimes, you just have to, as life will not be dictated by what you already have written on the calendar. I really didn't get upset over not being able to do what I planned, and instead, tackled things that I did feel up to doing (work, grocery shopping, etc.) I also focused on taking care of myself (making sure I ate healthy, drank plenty of water, and rested).

My spirits were lifted when I got this package in the mail:

My friend Lauren that I was just a bridesmaid for in October sent me wedding planners and travel guides (her and Steve also honeymooned in Hawaii) and Brendan's favorite maple candy! When you don't feel your best, it's so nice to see reminders all around that you are loved, and fortunately, I've seen many today. What a sweet gesture from my wonderful friend! Thumbing through these tonight has reminded me of all there is to look forward to.

I'm a firm believer that When others are kind to us, it is easier to be kind to ourselves. I've tried to be kind to others today, which is perhaps one benefit of "taking it easy." Breaking from my schedule and normally busy routine has allowed me to slow down and do some reflecting, which is a pro in this month of being thankful. I am also thankful for Brendan (grocery carrier, house straightener upper, and leftover warmer that he is) and Lola and Zoe, who have been just now settled down for the evening. I'm thankful for friends in Midland that have checked up on me, and for my students, who honestly have put me in a good mood the past couple of days (research papers are looking good). Work may seem like a challenge sometimes, but it also provides me with such purpose.

Here's to you being kind to yourself and remembering to "take it easy" sometimes,
<3 S, B, L&Z

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  1. Sorry you're not feeling well :/ Glad you took some time for yourself - sometimes it's hard to relax even when you're taking "time off." Glad you are learning to embrace the art of doing nothing :)


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