Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Surprise Wedding Shower

On Brendan's birthday, we thought we were headed to a holiday cocktail party before a birthday dinner, but instead, we were surprised by friends and family in the northeast with a couple's shower. Here are some pictures from the fabulous evening hosted by Brendan's mom and sister, Annie (our Matron of Honor), at the home of family friends, The Brennan's:

 These beautiful invitations were designed by Brendan's cousin, Katie, and included our wedding colors (Boston Red Sox red and blue). The banner on the invite was made out of book pages and the invite says "please join us in showering stacy & brendan with gifts for the next chapter of their love story." We both love to read and met in graduate school for creative writing, so this was so cute/fitting.

 I've always totally loved these fruit bouquets. 

Presents galore! We managed to get everything home in 4 carry-ons and 1 checked bag, plus shipping some items. We got so many beautiful presents and were overwhelmed with all the love and support. 

 Our beautiful cake looked like 2 pages from a book and included a birthday message for Brendan and our wedding colors. The same baker made the beautiful cupcakes for our engagement party.

I love a good cheese and fruit tray! 

The shower also had some of our favorite foods like sushi, egg rolls, and hummus. 

The lovely table.

Red Sox helmets made perfect candy dishes.

Me and my soon to be mother-in-law. Yeah, that's a tiara on my head.

We were so surprised with the shower and amazed at how many people came! Brendan had family and friends in from out of town, so the evening turned into an even bigger celebration than we had imagined it would be (when we thought we were doing a birthday dinner) and was a perfect way to celebrate our upcoming wedding both with people who will and will not be able to make the actual wedding. 

We spent the day after the shower (Friday) packing and relaxing and flew back to Austin yesterday. We'll be here tomorrow for New Year's Eve (we're having a romantic dinner out) and then it's off to Houston to see my grandmother. Wow, I'm tired just reading about it! 

Needless to say, a trip to Austin's most lovely stationary store is in my plans for tomorrow, because after our wonderful shower, I'm ready to start writing thank you notes. The best gift of all, however, is truly the loving, wonderful people that we have in our lives. We are so happy to share this journey with everyone by our side, and the support truly means the world to us. 

Thanks to all that were involved, 
<3 S&B (and now reunited with L&Z) 

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