Thursday, December 13, 2012

Halfway Through Engagement/Semester Complete!

Wow, it's hard to believe I'm already writing this post. When Brendan and I got engaged, I calculated the length of our engagement using an online duration calculator, and it was 409 days. That seemed like FOREVER away. However, today, there are only 204 days left, so we're beyond the halfway point. We've made a lot of wedding planning progress: 

In addition to the tasks mentioned hereherehere, and here, we've: gotten my dress (it arrived after being ordered at the end of June), ordered and received part of my bridesmaid's gifts, scouted out rehearsal dinner locations and after party locations, 4 of 6 bridesmaids have received their dresses (all have been ordered), and we've made our getaway plans. We have plans to take care of even more wedding related tasks over the holiday break, so I'm looking forward to that. 

The wedding has definitely started to feel more "real" as of this week, with my dress and the bridesmaid's dresses all arriving at the same time, and with 5 of my friends having already booked plane tickets from NYC to Austin to be at our wedding (I have the world's most amazing friends, but that is another post entirely), I have that "Wow, this is really happening" feeling this week. I definitely think once 2013 is here, the time will start to go SO fast, especially because I have my job to keep me busy. It is hard to be patient because I'm so excited to marry Brendan, but I know that we'll be happy we planned the wedding so far in advance so that we can be surrounded by our friends and family when we say our vows to each other. 

In other BIG news, I have officially completed the Fall 2012 semester! That's right: all of my final grades are entered and my grade books are turned in. To say it feels like a major accomplishment would be a huge understatement. I started this semester with 175 students and finished with 173. I am proud of my students and very proud of myself. This semester has instilled me with so much confidence in my teaching abilities. I was worried about having so many students, but it turns out, I am very capable of handling it. This semester was such a lesson in adaptability, as I realized that yes, I did have more students than usual, and yes, many of them were high school students, but I figured out how to design my course so that both teacher and students could be successful. I want to thank Brendan for a pep talk. He knew I could do it and always encouraged me. I also feel like my students really enjoyed my courses. I heard some very nice feedback from high school counselors, students, and parents, and those comments were nice to hear. I'm happy at my new school, and wow, it went by so fast.

I'm very ready for a break, and as of now, I'm on break until January 7th! This fact definitely has NOT sunk in yet, but I do have that "cloud 9" feeling. 

I hope you find some reasons to smile today! 
<3 S, B, L&Z 

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