Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy 31st Birthday Brendan!

Today is my wonderful fiance's 31st birthday and we're celebrating in Connecticut with family and friends. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating 30. 

Brendan has had a great year, and while he's not one to talk about his accomplishments, I am! I couldn't be more proud of him: he landed 3 poetry publications this year, presented at his first conference this fall, and taught creative writing this semester for the first time.

Brendan said that his 30th year was the best year yet. We got engaged in May and celebrated 2 years together in October. In his 30th year, we traveled to West Texas and Big Bend National Park, Lake Charles, LA, the Texas hill country, 10 states in the northeast (NY, NJ, CT, ME, RI, NH, VA, D.C., MA, MD), Pennslyvania, New Mexico, San Antonio, and Connecticut! In our down time from traveling and work, we've planned a large part of our July wedding. We've shared so many good times with friends and family, and I know Brendan is excited to see what's in store for next year.

And I'm excited to see all the good things that come his and our way. Happy birthday, Bren. I love you so much! Here's a look at some wacky moments from your 30th year :)

We don't need an explanation for this. 
Remember how you got so mad making these awesome veggie burgers? They wouldn't stick together! 
Remember how you finally got me a pillow pet? 
Remember taking your parents to the Antelope Lodge in Alpine Texas?? And the shower was all leaky? Yeah, that one was my idea. 
Remember this awesome ice cream? 
And how we only got pictures of the small fish you caught in Maine...but there were totally bigger ones. 
Remember how happy you were the morning we took these? 
Remember when you ate that Prickly Pear after I told you I wouldn't do that if I were you? LOL
Remember carving this with a tiny knife in the freezing cold? 
What were you again? 
So happy picking out the tree! 

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