Sunday, December 23, 2012

Make It Merry!

Greetings from cold Connecticut! I've totally adjusted to the temperature here. 40 degrees doesn't feel so bad, and I much enjoy snuggling up by the fire with some blankets.

We arrived here on Wednesday. Our flights were both delayed, but we made it. We've already fit in so much fun stuff since our arrival. Brendan's parents waited for us before decorating, so our first step was to deck the halls. We went with them and his sister, Annie, to pick out a tree from a Christmas tree farm.

Brendan looked mildly disconcerted in all 3 pictures, but I'm thrilled enough for both of us.
This was my first time going to pick out a tree. We had a lot to choose from:

I love the smell of a real tree! So wonderful. Then, it was back to the house for some decorating:

On Friday, we saw Brendan's mom's new shop Anna Pearl's Curiosities. If you live anywhere near Niantic, CT you must check it out. There are a million treasures in there: Jewelry, pins, toys, antiques. You literally have to look around at least a dozen times, and you will still not have really taken everything in.

Yesterday, Annie, Brendan's mom, and I went shopping for a wedding veil. Brendan's mom wanted to buy my veil, and I'm so glad we got to do this together while I am here. Having the veil is yet another thing that makes the wedding feel more real. We were all a little bit emotional about it. We found the perfect one that was exactly like what I had in mind at The White Dress by the Shore. Everyone at the store was nice and helpful. My beautiful veil will be shipped to Austin and will arrive there in about 2 months. I can't wait until I can try on everything together!

We finished yesterday evening with a Christmas party at the Wagner's. Brendan has 3 best friends since childhood (the 3 best men in our wedding--Justin, Billy, and Curtis), and all of them were there. Billy and his wife Megen had a baby in September, so we got to meet Lilly for the first time. Brendan's mom has many pictures from this event, so I'll try to get some to post later.

In our spare time we've been grandparent visiting, present wrapping, Star Wars and football watching, and we even managed to squeeze in a jog this morning (there are a LOT of hills here). All in all, a fabulous first few days.

And the best is yet to come...
Countdown to Christmas: 2 days!

We hope you make it Merry!
<3 S, B, and the rest of the Egan family (L&Z are safe in Austin with the Austin's)

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