Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back to the Norm

On Sunday, we accomplished several things. Mainly, taking gifts out of boxes and setting up our new TV. We also found a blu ray player...we love our new set up!

We just have to find a way to hide all the wires. I love the design on the table, so I don't really want a tablecloth, but I was thinking maybe a storage cube to put under the table...maybe we could fill it with records or something. Thoughts? PS-we have wires for TV, Blu Ray player, hook ups to get some TV channels (like PBS, so I can watch Downton season 3), Nintendo Wii, and several wires related to the internet. 1 wire is for the record player. It's madness!

Monday we started back to work. It felt easy enough to get into the swing of things, but it is definitely an adjustment. I also attended yoga class on Monday night. After 3 weeks of not stretching, my downward dog wasn't as good, and my chaturanga arms weren't as strong, but I made it through class. I came home to this awesome homemade pizza Brendan made using our new pizza stone and pizza cutter (wedding shower gift!). It was the best pizza yet. Yum!

Yesterday after work, we ventured to the gym (in the cold...I need to buy some sweatpants), and I began stage 3 of the New Rules of Weightlifting for Women. After the 1 hour, 20 minute workout, my legs felt like jelly...I was SO worn out by this, which is probably to be expected, as I took 3 weeks off instead of the recommended 1. However, I successfully made it through, and felt really good. I have so much motivation for getting strong, and it's not just about how I look at the wedding, but rather, being as healthy and fit as possible. I know I'll enjoy the honeymoon more too if I'm in the best possible shape (when it comes to hiking and kayaking, you need a lot of strength). I hope to stay fit for the long term, and I have some plans about how to make that happen too. The key is finding what you enjoy.

Today, I'm working from home while Brendan's at work (he worked from home yesterday). We're looking forward to getting groceries today and taking some of these empty boxes to the trash. Sweet Zoe has been by my side all morning...I think all of us feel good about getting back into the routine. We need a break from routine, but then it's good to have it again!

I'm off to make breakfast, work on my course reading schedule, and then I'm off to yoga tonight.

Here's to getting back to the norm!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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