Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Creature Comforts

Brendan recently got this Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System for Christmas, and now we have iced coffee at home.

It's so wonderful, Starbucks quality iced coffee without leaving home or paying the fancy coffee price.

We also received a new coffee machine (wedding shower present), so we've been brewing up a storm over here. We both like coffee, though I prefer mine cold (yes, even in winter) and in the afternoon: it's a nice pick-me-up before the gym. Brendan is more the traditional hot coffee in the morning person.

I need the pick-me-up today! Teaching is exhausting when you are out of practice. Two days into the semester and I've almost lost my voice.

It's also really, really, really cold here in the desert (ice on my car this morning), and though snow has constantly been forecasted, it never actually happens. I'm just really happy I bought all those workout pants. Otherwise, I'd never make it to the gym. I need to re-read my own post about dry winter skin solutions. I'm dying over here! I'm going to try reader recommended "Bag Balm," anything else I should know of?

Today, as I feel like doing nothing that I have to, I'm giving thanks for creature comforts, the things that make life more pleasant: lotion for my dry skin, coffee to wake me up, gloves to protect my hands at the gym and workout pants to keep me warm, a highlighter to help make taking notes for teaching a little easier, and of course, my trusty laptop! Also the hot cup of tea I'll enjoy tonight :)

What creature comforts are getting you through the day?
PS--Can someone find Spring already?!
<3 cold but happy S, B, L&Z

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  1. My dry skin remedy (I cleanse my face with this every night): Equal parts Manuka honey (you can substitute this with raw honey for more occasional use - Manuka is quite expensive) and Jojoba oil. Rub this mixture on your face/dry areas with the pads of your fingers for 30 seconds to a minute and let sit for 10 or 15 minutes, then steam off with a warm washcloth (don't scrub with the washcloth - just remove the excess). Make sure that all your hair is pulled back and secure, or you'll wind up with sticky pieces! Also, coconut oil (and really just oil in general) is a great moisturizer - I apply it as needed and rub it really well into dry spots, let it sit for awhile, and after 30 minutes or so if there's still any sitting on top of my skin, I just sorta dab it away with a dry washcloth or towel. Will also soften rough spots/flakies so you can sort of buff them away with the cloth. Here's to vanquishing the winter dry skin blues!! And of course, call me if you want more details ;) xoxo


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