Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good Friends, Food, Music, and Beer

It goes without saying from the post title: we had a good weekend.

We took a trip to Lubbock, TX to see our friends, The Shews. Having them two hours away was one of the things that made our decision to move to Midland even easier. Every time I see the Shews, I'm immediately "at home." It's really nice to have friends that understand where you've come from, especially if you've come from the McNeese M.F.A. program in Lake Charles, LA...a place so magical, it's indescribable. I know, I always sound so nostalgic when talking about graduate school, but there's a reason I miss it so much...a big part of the reason is all the great people we had nearby, so having the Shews close just feels right.

My friend, Em, is the perfect hostess...she knows everything, including how to make perfect pancakes that look like this:

Don't worry blog world, I stole her secrets to replicate this. (Spoiler alert: my pancakes will never look this good).

While in Lubbock, we checked out the Lubbock Lake Landmark, an archaeological dig site that also had a 3 mile walking trail.

With January weather up in the high 60s, it was perfect for a walk.

We ate two great meals while in Lubbock, and both places featured exceptional beer selection (Brendan has actually made me like certain beers---who knew?!) The Crafthouse and The Triple J both earn our recommendation.

But the highlight of our weekend was found at the Cactus Theater:

It was me and Em!

Just was seeing Jimmie Dale Gilmore in concert. I had no idea what to expect, but this man blew me away with his music, which Brendan describes as Americana (blues, folk, country, rock), and I just describe as "a really emotional listening experience." We all stumbled across the concert and bought tickets the day of, but I was so glad we did. Mr. Gilmore is a delight to watch on stage, with his funny stories and wonderful personality...but some of the lyrics from his songs are just haunting me.  He now resides in Austin, and I know we'll look for another opportunity to see him play.

Bad i-phone pic, I was trying to take it fast! 
 After the show, we headed to Tom's Daiquiri Place across the street, where the "Call a Cab" daiquiri made me dizzy (don't worry, I had a designated driver).

This morning, we sat in our PJs and played Settlers of Catan, a favorite board, all in all, a great weekend.

I already miss the Shews, but after a grocery store run tonight, and some sushi and Downton Abbey watching, I'm ready for the week ahead.

Here's to our Lubbock adventures, and the adventures to come in 2013!
<3 S, B, (and a happy to be reunited with their people L&Z)

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