Sunday, January 6, 2013

How I Spent My Winter Vacation

We are HOME and it feels so good!

We traveled 325 miles today with a VERY full car (considering it is a VW Jetta): Lola and Zoe in carriers in the backseat, our new 40" flat screen TV (Christmas present) also in the backseat, and a trunk FULL of luggage, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts (Brendan) and wedding shower gifts. We arrived to a very full mailbox and several packages and a fire extinguisher waiting by the door (thankfully, we apparently have very trustworthy neighbors).

The cats are doing fine and seem happy to be home as well. All breakables made it home safely and unbroken. We had about 15 Christmas cards in the mail and enjoyed opening and reading them all. We put away a lot of our new things. Brendan heated up some frozen leftovers and we ate chili and rice on the couch and talked about taking down our tree tomorrow. This is what the end of Winter Break 2012 looks like, and it was a great one...

3 weeks off, and I couldn't have asked for a better 3 weeks! We...

Also in CT: We celebrated Brendan's 31st birthday and enjoyed a Surprise Couple's Shower the same day!

We went out for a romantic New Year's eve dinner at Wink, the restaurant we became engaged at to ring in the year we'll get married in. 

We took a fast trip to La Marque, Texas to see my grandmother. 
We ate at way too many delicious places to count. 
I took care of some health and wedding related tasks. 
And we RELAXED, a lot. I'm talking 7-hour Game of Thrones marathons. 

My top memories from winter break 2012: Said Game of Thrones marathons--all of season 1--with Brendan's parents...they are really fun to be lazy with, my first Christmas with the Egan family including Christmas eve church and picking out the tree, Veil shopping with Brendan's mom and sister and lunch afterwards, our surprise wedding shower, New Years eve dinner (still thinking about all we ate), eating sushi with Graham and Maisie, seeing 3 great movies in the theater (The Hobbit, Les Miserables, and Holy Motors) and one on Netflix (the highly recommended Bernie), and catching up with friends and family in Austin and Connecticut. I am also thankful for the things I didn't do: workout, cook and clean, worry, work. My 3 week break has left me so renewed and rejuvenated and feeling ready to get back to teaching. 

In other good news, our wedding is exactly 6 months from today (well, from the 5th, it's late here). 

In addition to everything mentioned hereherehere, and here, and here, I've/we've: found/ordered a beautiful wedding veil (a gift from Brendan's mom and it is PERFECT. Can't wait to wear it!), tried on my actual dress (eee, love it!), found a venue for the rehearsal dinner, ordered my wedding shoes, found my something borrowed (more on that later), purchased gifts for the flower girls, done my wedding hair and make-up trial (still need to work out some kinks at a later appointment, but it was mostly lovely!), went wedding band shopping just to get an idea of what we want/we have my potential band being sent to jewelry store, were given a lovely surprise couple's shower (and I've started on the thank-you notes!). I'd say we're in very good shape for being 6 months out. Now that it is 2013, the wedding feels even closer. Plus, I know of 7 (7!) friends that have already booked plane tickets to be at our wedding, and the hotel reports rooms starting to be booked. In the end, the thing that most matters to me about the day is the people we spend it with, so these things make me super happy. 

Anyway, do you get a winter vacation? How did you spend it? I'm planning to spend the last day of mine unpacking and taking down the, we have some Target giftcards needing to be spent :) 

Here's to being happy at home after 21 days away! 
<3 S, B, L&Z 

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