Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting the Year Off Right

We've had a busy few days over here...

Brendan and I rang in the New Year at Wink, the restaurant we got engaged at in May. Here's a picture taken before we left:

We woke up early on New Year's day, packed our backpacks, and headed to La Marque (near Houston) to spend some time with my grandmother. As always, it was great to see her, and at 95, she is doing really well. We headed back to Austin last evening, where I am spending the day focused on my health. First, a doctor's appointment, where I got a flu shot and a clean bill of health. Then, a dentist appointment for a cleaning and x-rays, where my teeth were found to be in good shape and cavity free. It feels good to take care of this routine stuff, and I'm thankful to have access to good healthcare.

The New Year always has me thinking about resolutions...I think I did a good job sticking to last year's, but I don't think I'll write a list this year, as I know what needs to get done and just need to do it.

I have 10 ideas for simple resolutions here, if you are looking to make some of your own.

Did you make any resolutions? Please share them in the comments section!

Here's to starting off right,
<3 S,B, L&Z

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