Saturday, February 23, 2013

When In: Houston, TX

Brendan and I just arrived home from our conference in Houston last night. We had a good time on this super fast trip and learned some neat things at the conference too. We also had a little time to explore Houston on Thursday before the sessions we wanted to attend. Luckily, Thursdays also happened to be free days at the museums. We paid the expensive cab prices (public transportation wasn't an easy/fast/effective option from where we were), knowing that we'd get a free day of fun. Up first was the Museum of Fine Art.

We got to check out all the exhibits and really had time to explore. As always, it is pretty unbelievable to be in the presence of artifacts that are thousands of years old. I loved the Egyptian exhibit. The collection of art here was pretty incredible and definitely not to be missed. I just wrote a proposal about meta-fiction, so please enjoy these pictures of me looking at pictures :)

Van Gogh

After checking out the art, we grabbed some surprisingly delicious and reasonably priced guacamole in the cafe. Up next, it was a stop at the Natural Museum of Science, where you know our first stop was the paleontology hall. For some reason, I just love dinosaur bones. Much to Brendan's horror, the pre-Jurassic period kind of bores me. That impression of a shell is great and all, but I'd rather see a T-Rex (Don't worry, Brendan insists we visit exhibits in chronological order, but I rush ahead and spend all my time in Jurassic reading about the dinosaurs so I'll know what to do in the event of a Jurassic Park like emergency). 

I learned how to tell if dinosaur bones are real or replicas: holes drilled in the feet to hold up the bones=replica. Most of the bones at the museum were real though. 

After the dinosaurs, we paid the discounted Thursday price of $2.50 per person to check out the butterflies. Totally worth it. Not only did the glass dome feature tons of different butterfly species, but there were beautiful trees and plants, a waterfall, and even an iguana. 

After our fun filled day, we walked to the Bodega Taco Shop, which had good food, big servings,  and was a reasonable price. It was a really tasty dinner, and they had a good beer selection too. 

We definitely enjoyed our trip to Houston...and awesomely, our friend Erica from Lake Charles drove in to see us on Friday afternoon after our morning sessions. We checked out the Argentina Cafe with her and it was enjoyed by all. Onion and cheese empanadas, please! 

If you find yourself in Houston anytime soon, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. The traffic is horrendous, but with so many cool things to offer, I can see why Houstonians put up with it! 

Happy to be home safe! 
<3 S, B, L&Z 

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