Saturday, March 30, 2013

3rd 5K Day!

We did it! Our 3rd ever 5K that is. This one was the Bloodgusher 5K (they also offered a 1K, 10K, and 1/2 Marathon) in Midland, TX, raising money for United Blood Services (which handles blood donations). I ran the race in honor of my little cousin, Colton, who need an emergency blood transfusion when he was born (He is now 10 years old and healthy as can be, and I was happy to have a chance to watch him play baseball just last weekend). I love a race for a good cause. Okay, so onto the results!

We were up at 8am for the 9:30am start. I appreciated the later start time, which gave us a chance to really wake up. We were able to pick up our packets yesterday, so with shirts and numbers ready, we were good to go. We lucked out with really nice weather, breezy and cool.

Ready to go. Loved the fancy technical race shirts! 
I think we were both a little nervous because the last 5K we ran was over a year and 9 months ago. Also, we didn't train a whole lot. I was confident in Brendan, and my only goal was to beat my previous time of 38:57. And beat it I did!

The course was nice...except the miles were not marked, so it was hard to know how you were doing. I kept my eye on my stopwatch and tried to estimate. No one handing out water would say anything other than "You're close!" There were plenty of kids cheering everyone on along the course, so that was fun. It's hard to stop when kids are saying "You can do it!" So sweet. One of them was also awesome and told me I was only 1/2 a mile from the finish line. SCORE.

I made it across the finish line at 35:38, with an 11:28 pace. Way awesome for me. I was really happy... and also felt a little sick. Mostly I was happy though! I came in 32 of 42 in my age group.

Brendan killed it, with a 22:12 race and 7:09 pace. He took home a medal for 2nd in his age group out of 25. His last race was 25:30 and he finished in 3rd place, so this was a big improvement for him too.

After the race and Brendan with his medal. 
I think we both had a really fun time. There was plenty of water and snacks (grapes and peanut butter please!) to enjoy after the finish. While there's always room for improvement, we were both proud of ourselves and each other's accomplishments today. Running is still hard for me, but I like how I feel after I do it!

We hope your Saturday will be filled with accomplishments too, whatever they are.
<3 S, B, and totally have been sleeping this whole time L&Z


  1. Great job you guys! Very proud of you both. Who knew Brendan was such a bad ass runner :)

  2. Thanks Missy! Love and miss you!


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