Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Breaking!

Everyone needs a break every now and then! One awesome part of our jobs: built in break time. We just returned from several days in Austin, TX. Please enjoy some snapshots from my break because I'm too tired to really write much!:

First, my mom drove to Midland for the weekend (she was flying out to Nevada on Monday)...we did a lot of relaxing, played some Yahtzee, had drinks, and we saw Silver Linings Playbook (and really liked it).  It was a really relaxing weekend. On Monday, she flew out, and we headed to Austin.
With Mom 
Our main priority in Austin: get outdoors and enjoy it! We also caught up with some family and friends.  Here are some pictures from Bull Creek: 

 Obviously, this also needed to happen:

Two words: Yogurt Land
The next day, it was on to a 3 mile hike on the Green Belt. We lucked out and had gorgeous spring weather the whole time! Sunny and 70s.

The next day, I got up early and went to my first wedding dress fitting. It was so amazing to see my dress with my shoes and veil...just had another "Wow, this is happening pretty soon!" moment.

Later that day, we shared some chocolate from my new discovery, Edis Chocolates, which was delicious! Flour less chocolate cake: yes, please! The truffles were amazing too! We then went to the jewelry store downtown, and Brendan bought my beautiful wedding ring. I can't wait to show you after our wedding in July! We also ordered one for him...but we won't buy it until we're sure it fits :) After ring shopping, we stayed downtown for some SXSW music:

We saw The Silos and The Future Laureates. I really enjoyed both bands, and I bought a Future Laureates CD and t-shirt. These bands totally made up for the parking situation downtown :) I do enjoy seeing people do what they are most passionate about...

Speaking of passion, we were treated last night to a sneak preview of Slowgirl at Hyde Park Theatre. That experience warrants its own post. I promise to tell you about it before they open on Thursday!

We arrived home to this adorableness:

Could there be a more adorable cookie jar in this world? Uh, I think not! Squeals of excitement when I opened that one! PS-those flowers in the background were from VALENTINE'S DAY, and they still look good!

Over spring break, I did everything I wanted and more. I even finished a book I've been reading. It was nice to break away from our everyday routine and get a change of scenery. And now...we're off for another exciting weekend. Our friends, the Shews, will be here in about an hour...but, you know, I really need a shower before that happens.

Here's to breaks: keeping us both happy and sane!
<3 S, B, and happy to have us back L&Z

PS-Corley is about 88% of the way to her goal! Still time to enter our Giveaway. 

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