Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why It's Good To Sometimes Skip It (The Gym)

I had a pretty normal Tuesday today: Up at 6am, out the door by 7, teaching from 8-11 (I wish more people had actually read Othello), office hour, commute home, and a lovely trip to our local war zone  grocery store. A nap on the couch later, and somehow it was 5:30. There was only one problem: I was supposed to work out today, and my heart was about 10% in it.

I felt really guilty: I go above and beyond trying to maintain my gym schedule, but sometimes (rarely), the very thought makes me feel sick because I just don't have the energy. The thought of spending an hour and 20 minutes pushing through my workout today was too much. I almost put on my gym clothes before deciding to skip it.

Immediately, I felt total relief. I did everything that I actually wanted to do, starting with playing with my cats and ending with cooking an awesome dinner for Brendan. I actually have the energy left over to prep for class tomorrow instead of collapsing and waking up early to do it.

I'm not proposing we all skip our workouts all the time, but as my New Rules book advises: if you'd rather do almost anything than go to the gym, don't push it. Attitude is an important part of the workout. If my only motivation is guilt, it isn't enough to help me through. As everyone knows, the wrong frame of mind can lead to lazy workouts, which doesn't really help you.

Taking a rest day can also be vital to our future successes in the gym, allowing us to push harder the next time. But most importantly, we have to make choices based on what we need, and sometimes, what we really need is an enjoyable evening. Usually, I enjoy working out, but sometimes, I have to motivate myself, and sometimes, it just isn't happening. I've become good at knowing the differences. I know when to encourage myself and when to let myself be.

It's a good skill to cultivate, and I highly recommend it. Sometimes, you need to skip a workout and make it up later. If you only do this once in a while, you will still meet all of your goals, but you'll also be happier with the journey!

Here's to the making it through the week, whatever that entails for you!

<3 S, B, L&Z

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