Monday, April 15, 2013

101,000 miles

Today, while I was driving "Goldie" (my VW Jetta), I hit 101,000 miles. It was a big moment because I was too distracted to notice making it to 100,000.

I purchased Goldie in early May of 2008, so I've almost had her 5 years. When I bought her, she only had 38,000 miles, so I've added 63,000 of my own. I cannot believe all the places that car has taken me: from Austin to Lake Charles when I moved, and back and forth many times (due to visiting family or hurricane evacuations)...on many trips to my grandmother's house in Houston...on two long road trips with friends, one to North Carolina for Will and Missy's wedding and one to Tybee Island, Georgia just for fun...on many a job interview (east and west Texas)...on the move to Midland and between here and San Angelo (to see family) and Austin (also to see family)...and on many weekend escapes (The Davis Mountains, Balmorhea, Marfa, Alpine, Big Bend National Park, Carlsbad, NM, and the Texas Hill Country to name a few). My life has seen SO MANY changes since I bought that car. I started and finished graduate school, moved to west Texas with my then boyfriend, got engaged, and started my first real job (which also involves hundreds of miles of commuting), and my trusty Jetta has seen me through it all.

I could shed a few tears, but I won't. Instead, I'll recap a few favorite memories with my trusty Jetta.

August/September 2008...Lola and Zoe were just kittens when we packed up and evacuated Lake Charles for both hurricane Gustav and Ike. The normally 5 hour drive took over 7 hours due to traffic. I still remember one trip where we had to keep them in the bathroom at my Dad's apartment (luckily, they were so tiny it didn't matter much to them). I was worried all of graduate school would be filled with evacuations, but luckily, those were the only two.

May 2009...Packed up the tiny Jetta with four people and a whole lot of luggage to make it to North Carolina for Will and Missy's wedding. It was a great trip, but we were all a little cramped in the Jetta, and stupidly, we brought the wedding present with us instead of giving it in Lake Charles. Someone had to hold the fragile wine glasses on his or her lap at all times...we went through all of this only to have Will and Missy transport the glasses back to Lake Charles. This is how four people don't think ahead! The drive took two days there and two days back, but was so worth it to celebrate at the wedding and to have a week of fun on the beach!

May 2010...Trip to Tybee Island, Georgia with a bunch of graduate school friends. We took three cars to get there and rented a beach house for the week. It took two days to get there and one very, very long day to get back. Brendan and I were still friends at this time, but he drove my car, and a rock chipped the windshield. It was an easy repair, and I still smile to myself when I notice the little chip.

July 2011...We drove from Austin to west Texas for one interview, came home to Austin and packed cleaned clothes, then left right away for east Texas for another driving time was over 10 hours in two days. It was so exhausting, but at the end of it, we had jobs. The next month, we drove to Lake Charles to pick up our stuff from storage and moved to Midland. West Texas for the win!

April 2012...Brendan's parents came to visit us and we took an epic trip to Big Bend National Park. Unfortunately, we took "Old Maverek Road," which, unbeknownst to us, was unpaved for 30 very bumpy miles and eventually caused 2 flat tires (one that night and one the next day). The bumpy road was so stressful for everyone involved, but especially made Brendan's mom and I highly anxious. Today, we laugh hysterically about it. At the time, not so much!

Oh Goldie, its been fun! I can't wait to see where the next 5 years take us.

Here's to that.
<3 Goldie's Main Passengers: S, B, L&Z

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