Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bad Day Turned Better

Last night, I was so overtired from my over 12 hour workday, that I couldn't even fall asleep. Around 1am, Brendan gave me two Tylenol sleeping pills, and I was out...unfortunately for me, 9am rolled around, and I found it nearly impossible to get out of bed. I spent the morning in a post sleeping pill fog, and I wasn't in a good mood. A few things cheered me up though.

Firstly, while teaching, I took some time to work with a struggling student. In my peripheral vision, I noticed one of my better students helping out a student that had been absent. Essentially, he could have used the time for himself, but took some time to help another student get caught up and feel more confident. I take no credit for his actions, but witnessing them cheered me up immensely. A sweet reminder to take time to help.

Secondly, upon returning home, I texted my yoga buddy that I was too tired to make it. I told her I felt out of wack, but she convinced me yoga would make me feel better. Then, I stumbled across a co-worker's blog about balancing teaching, writing, parenting, and a healthy lifestyle, and I felt totally inspired. After some iced coffee energy, I knew I could make it work. As my friend predicted, yoga did make me feel better: a LOT better. The class was a hard one, focused on planks, sun salutations, handstands, balancing splits, hollow backs, and dolphins, and we all worked up quite a sweat. But when it was done, I felt SO much better.

And another thing that happened today? Brendan said he loves to make me happy. It was nice to hear that, even though I know that. I love him very much, and I remembered to give thanks for that.

So honestly, what turned my bad day better? Just a whole bunch of little things.

But the point is that, especially when you're in survival mode, you have to be aware enough to recognize those little things that are working to make it a better day.

And the other point is, next time, only take one Tylenol.

<3 a very exhausted S&B, and also L&Z

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