Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Checking In!

We're still around, but fully in survival mode. 

Our big news is that we're intensely grading before heading to Las Vegas this weekend for my cousin, Stephen's, wedding. Woo-hoo! Promise some updates on that when we return.

In the meantime, I managed to eat today, I managed to go to the gym, I managed to teach 2 classes, answer a ton of emails, office hour, make photocopies of my final exam, prep and send in my syllabus for the Fall, and grade 632 pages worth of journals. Yep, that was life today, and it's all I can do to still have my eyes open.

We hope whatever you're doing, it's a little saner than our lives. I'm just thankful I have Brendan here to help balance it all and to make this again for tonight's dinner.

But really, we can't complain. With summer a mere ten days away, we're working toward the finish line. And though grading is always work, it can be joyous work. To see some of my students writing passionately about literature...it makes me feel choked up every time. I feel like I shared an important part of myself with them in discussing stories, poetry, and plays all semester, and some of them really responded, and there is no greater feeling.

So, here we are...a week and a half left in the semester, and it's the busiest time ever. Bare with us, and we'll be more up to date in a couple of weeks.

<3 S, B, and those crazy cats L&Z

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