Monday, April 8, 2013

Survival Mode

Greetings from the last 5 weeks of the semester friends! Otherwise known as "Survival Mode."

As any college English teacher will tell you, it's a scary place to be. The last few weeks of the semester are incredibly hectic: filled with grading, emails, administrative tasks, sending grade reports, staying late, going to and presenting at student award ceremonies, meetings meetings meetings, and in general, utter chaos. In these last few weeks before summer, we're lucky if we remember to eat! Just kidding: we're still eating healthy and trying to get enough rest, but it is exhausting.

At least we had a nice weekend. We spent Saturday in San Angelo seeing my family. I got to watch little league games and an adorable performance of Pippi Longstocking the musical. My brother and Mom came from Austin and met us there.

Bren and Graham at the baseball field 

Mom with my favorite star, Kenna. 
We've also been keeping up with Game of Thrones and got to see friends here in town this weekend too. On Sunday, we rested a lot, and it was a really good feeling.

But today, it was back to Monday as usual. I'm very much in shock at how fast April is going. During yoga tonight, our teacher instructed us to stay focused on our body, as we live so much of our lives in our minds that we can sometimes neglect it. I thought this was really fitting advice to apply to survival mode, and I'm going to make sure I eat healthy, get rest, drink plenty of water, and make time for exercise this week. We may be eating leftovers and doing laundry at 11pm, but hey, we're surviving!

Speaking of rest...I need it. Tomorrow is an early day. I'm glad I got to check in though. We're still here, and I'll come out from under the avalanche of grading as often as possible.

Anyone out there in survival mode too?
We wish you the best of luck!
<3 S, B, and oblivious to our workload L&Z

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