Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Bridal Shower :)

My bridal shower was this past Saturday in Midland, and all I can say is that it was amazing. My aunt Lisa, aunt Crystal, cousin Amanda, and friends Emily and Jill threw a sweet brunch party filled with fun, friends, and delicious food. Guests came in from Austin, San Angelo, Lubbock, and Midland to share the day, which was so special. It is definitely a day I will always remember! Luckily, my cousin Amanda is also a photographer, so I have some awesome pictures as well. All photos were taken by Amanda Figueroa.

The hostess printed and framed one of our engagement pictures for me to take home. 
Tulips and roses added the decor. Bonus: I got to take all the flowers home. 
Wedding cupcakes from SugarGirls delicious as they were beautiful! 
Mini quiches and lips and mustaches used for a fun game. 
Sorbet mimosas in orange and berry...amazing! 

Mom came in from Austin for the occasion! 
With my cousin/flower girl McKenna and Aunt Lisa 
With all my hostess: Em, Crystal, Jill, Lisa, and Amanda

Midland friends Chelsea, Kristen, and Jenni 

  Me and Stephanie 

We played a really cute game where Amanda asked Brendan and I questions in advance of the shower. She read the answers and guests had to guess who said what by holding up either lips or a mustache. Some hilarity ensued. Also, it was really sweet to hear some of Brendan's answers. I loved his answer to "Describe your first date:" He said, "I don’t know that we have a single “first date.”  We used to get coffee a lot at the bookstore and at a place called The Porch.  We worked on school stuff and talked about what we wanted to do in the next few years.  Each one of those afternoons was better than any “date” I’ve ever been on." That made me tear up a little.

Amanda rocking the wedding colors 

After games, it was time to open presents. We got many wonderful gifts and feel very lucky to have people that care so much for us.

Of course, for Lola and Zoe, the best part was playing with the boxes afterwards:

Those crazy cats!
We spent time with friends and family in town after the shower. At the end of the day, we Face-timed with Brendan's mom and opened gifts from her, which was a fun end to the day. Amanda and my mom stayed for one more night, and we said goodbye this afternoon.

I'm so thankful we have such great friends and family in our lives. Thank you to all involved and all those that sent well wishes: each one meant so much to us!

<3 S, B, L&Z

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