Friday, June 21, 2013

Never Been Busier?

The summer...always imagined as a time for rest and relaxation. This summer?

Not exactly.

I swear, my weeks have never felt busier or like they were flying by faster. With the wedding just weeks away, there is so much to be done. On top of that, we have been working out intensely, so I feel quite sore (luckily our gym is closed Friday-Sunday, so walking or indoor biking at the apartment gym will prove a needed reprieve from weight training). I also moved out of one office this week and into another. I had to meet with both human resource departments and get new changes worked out. We leave for Austin in 6 days, and I wanted to have work things squared away before we left.

The idea that we need to pack for the wedding week AND honeymoon is totally overwhelming. For so long, both events have felt so far away that it just doesn't seem possible they're actually almost here. I'm not sure when it will feel real, but it doesn't yet, despite the fact that our apartment is filling up with wedding gifts, the wedding coordinator is contacting me daily, and every check of my email brings up new tasks that need to be done. I can barely check off one task before I remember another that needs to be accomplished!

All in all, wedding planning is fun, but certainly a full time job as well. We are both looking forward to actually being married.

In awesome news, my best friend released her single off her new EP today. I can hardly stop listening to "Catacombs" off the Underworld EP.

Listen here: then head to her website for more information:

Happy listening and TGIF!

<3 S, B, L&Z

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