Friday, June 7, 2013

Storms Rolling In

There are two reasons that people who live in the desert do rain dances: 1.) We really need the water, and 2.) Storms bring a break from the heat. After several days above 100 degrees, a couple of days of cloudy skies and sprinkles of rain have brought days in the high 70s.

Yesterday, I could actually walk outside comfortably. And today, I have plans to get out again. Currently, it's 68 degrees, and THAT is something to be happy about.

Even if the cats woke me up early (Lola due to thunder fear, Zoe an hour later due to a desire to play fetch), the toilet is running again, the blender might be broken, and we're still waiting on 23 RSVPs (which we need to order alcohol, finalize the menu, and start working on seating)...despite all of those things, our rain dance perhaps worked.

So today, I'm all about keeping positive and focusing on the good. Or at least, that's the direction I'm steering myself in. Brendan is making some homemade potato salad for a cook out tonight, and I plan to spend the day reading, writing, and organizing.

And that's something else to give thanks for. Summer and the gift of a day that doesn't have to be planned. The weeks are going by fast: I keep reminding myself to be thankful and hold on to these glorious moments of summer.

Living here in the desert has shown me a lot about patience. You may not get all the rain you want, but you take the breaks where you can get them.

<3 S, B, L&Z

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