Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women, Stage 6 Recap

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I thought I would NEVER make it through this stage. Out of town trips (Las Vegas, Austin), the end of the semester, and going through a job application process basically meant it took me a month and a half to finish the 10 workouts of Stage 6 (I kept doing yoga and cardio workouts in addition). At least I made it! This stage was one of the easier stages for New Rules, honestly. The workouts were short and sweet (I like that), but packed a punch. Here's a look at how my measurements changed:

                     This Stage                        Total Change 
Bust              -1"                                        -2"                     
Band              No Change                          -1.25"
Right Bicep     No Change                      No Change 
Left Bicep       No Change                     No Change 
Waist             No Change                             -1"
Right Thigh    -1"                                       -1.50"
Left Thigh      -1"                                       -1.50"
Hips               No Change                             -2"
Weight           -2.5lbs                                 -5 lbs 

Could I really have lost 9.25" off my body since October? If the way my clothes fit is any indication, then yes! I never knew it was possible to lose that many inches while maintaining almost the same body weight. New Rules has completely changed my outlook on the importance of weight lifting. The physical changes happen slowly, almost to the point where I don't notice until I look at pictures, but having more energy and feeling stronger has been noticeable throughout the whole program. I never used the recommended eating plan, but instead ate healthy (and the larger commitment to that in the last couple of months likely explains most of the small weight loss). I am happy I will be strong on the honeymoon because Brendan has a lot of adventure planned! 

Here's a look at how my strength increased:

Workout A

Reverse Pull Up: From immediately dropping to holding for 10 seconds. Not bad, but this exercise never got easy for me. 

Underhand Grip Lat Pull down: 70 lbs (holding one second, taking 4 seconds to return to starting position made this exercise more challenging).

Lunges with barbell: From 20lbs to 40lbs.

Push-ups...Max out around 25. Held the down position for 6 seconds...made it much harder! 

Workout B

Reverse Lunge with Dumbbell on One Shoulder: From 15 lbs to 25 lbs.

One arm dumbbell pull up: from 15 lbs to 25 lbs.

Dumbbell push press: from 20 lbs to 30 lbs.

Back Extension (with 10 lbs).

Incline Sit Ups....I had to add some other ab work, these just didn't do it for me! 

I am ready to move to Stage 7, and unfortunately, won't have the luxury of breaking between stages. I am ready to complete the 6 workouts in Stage 7 so I can be done with New Rules! It will be a weird experience printing my last 2 training logs off. 

Here's to the last few workouts and finishing a big goal! 

<3 S, B, L&Z 

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