Friday, August 2, 2013

Backtracking: My Bachelorette Party

I wanted to share the photos and memories from my amazing bachelorette party on July 3rd hosted by my maid of honor, Corley, and her mother, Melissa. The evening was amazing and started out with a gorgeous lingere shower. I loved every single little touch: the delicious quiche, teacakes, and cupcakes, the beautiful decor, and the flowers.

It was AMAZING to have friends from all different parts of my life in attendance. Truly, it was one of the most fun days. Wish I could have them all together all the time!

Laughing with my friend since middle school, Christiana. 


Christiana (left) and my maid of honor and hostess, Corley (right). 

All the lovely ladies! Top Row: Rita (sorority sister), Sharon (mother in law to be!), Becky (cousin to be), Christiana (friend since middle school), Maisie (Graham's girlfriend), Kelsey (friend since birth/bridesmaid), Amanda (cousin/bridesmaid), Amy (sorority sister), Elda (2nd mom), Em (grad school friend/bridesmaid), Erica (grad school friend). Bottom Row: Cassie (friend since high school), Annie (sister to be/matron of honor), Corley (friend since high school/maid of honor), Molly (cousin to be), Me, Casey (cousin), Mom!

Bridesmaid Emily and me. 

Em, Me, & Erica...McNeese Trio! 
After the shower, we went out for an evening of drinks on the town, planned by Corley. She did a great job of finding low key places where I could catch up with all my friends, and everyone made sure my cup was never empty! I drank water too to stay hydrated! Corley made me an adorable veil, so random strangers kept shouting "Congratulations!" which was fun too. My friends made sure there were plenty of safe drivers. Safety first, just the way I like it!

Me and bridesmaid Lauren.

Me with my friend since High School, Cassie. 

Me and Maisie (Graham's girlfriend). 

Brendan's cousin Molly (left), Me, cousin Becky (right), and sister Annie/matron of honor (far right). 

My brother and the entire bachelor party found us at a bar. 

 Honestly, it was an amazing night, and one that I will never forget. I just had a blast seeing all my friends from out of town and being around all the amazing women in my life at once. Thanks to everyone who made it such a special night for me!

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