Saturday, August 3, 2013

Backtracking: Our Rehearsal Dinner

Brendan and I had one priority when planning wedding week: if people were going to travel incredibly far to be there, we wanted to make it an awesome, multi-event week, with time to talk to everyone. Thus, our dream rehearsal dinner would include not just wedding party, but family, and our friends/family friends from New York and Connecticut...the only problem? That involved 125 people (or 71% of our total wedding guests). Luckily for us, Brendan's parents said it wasn't a problem at all, and totally embraced the idea of our big fat rehearsal dinner. 

The Shriner Club, a beautiful and large venue was rented for the day, amazing crowd-pleasing catering from Texas Rib Kings for all of our guests was brought in, kegs were purchased and moved by the Dads, and amazing, ironically large pies were picked up from Tiny Pies, along with bluebell ice cream. The mom's and my matron of honor, Annie, picked up flowers and decorated, and our dream rehearsal dinner, planned for 6 months, came to life. I may be bias, but it was the best 4th of July ever! 

Anthony and usher, Aaron 

Groomsmen Bill with wife Megen and daughter Lilly

Cousins: Hannah, Skyler, Leah, Aunt Elaine, and cousin Kate! 

Sorority Sisters: Rita, Steph, and Julie...Steph's boyfriend, Paul and Julie's husband, Dave.

Mixing and Mingling 

Readers: Shew and Erica 


Happy 4th! Blueberry and Cherry Pie. 

Apple Pie! 

My sistas: Steph, Julie, Rita, Me, Lauren, Tara, and Cheryl

With my "little" cousin, no, she's not in heels, and yes, we're standing on the same level of ground. She is 10 years my "junior!" 

Ringbearer, Sawyer 

Flower girls showing off their new pearls: Leah, Skyler, Kate, and McKenna. 

Us with the flower girls. 
Our rehearsal dinner was better than we ever could have imagined. Thanks to Brendan's parents for making our dreams come true and making all of our guests feel welcomed to Texas! It was certainly a night to remember...and people are still remembering the food! 

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