Friday, August 23, 2013

Backtracking: Our Wedding, Getting Ready

The day of the wedding was such a whirlwind. While Brendan and his crew headed to Barton Springs, my mom hosted a Bridesmaid's luncheon at Chez Zee for the moms, bridesmaids, and me. Having lunch with my favorite people at my favorite place was a good way to calm things down. It was definitely starting to feel real!

We then headed to the salon, Blast Blowdry in Austin, TX for hair and make up. For the most part, we had the place to ourselves. Everyone at Blast was awesome. They did a great job and brought us champagne and were a generally calming presence.

Everyone brought their bags and robes, which were my gift to all the bridesmaids (side note: we gave thank you gifts to 27 people, talk about a large wedding party!):

I felt SO tired, but Corley kept reassuring me the adrenaline would kick in. I think I fell asleep several times while getting my hair done. The week had just been so busy!

I felt very lucky to be surrounded by my amazing bridal party and the moms. The day with them was so fun, and probably the only time I'll have them all together at once. LOVE these girls.

Amanda, Corley, Lauren, Me, Kelsey, Emily, and Annie in our robes! 
Once we were done at Blast, we headed home to pick up my dress, which we thought might be locked in my mom's house. This really freaked me out, but luckily, we were able to get into the house through the garage and Corley and Amanda chilled me out.

At the Barr Mansion, the guys were getting ready downstairs, while we got ready upstairs. Brendan and I had not seen each other since the night before, and we wanted to keep it that way, so every time I went to the bathroom, I had to have a lookout team!

Amy Kate Photography in Austin, TX arrived to take our photos. Amy Kate was amazing to work with. We told her our main priority was enjoying the day, with not a lot of time focused on photos. She was very respectful of this, and even with limited time allotted for pictures, took so many amazing shots.

Upstairs, it was time to put on my dress.

At that point, my adrenaline really did kick in, as Corley had predicted. I was on cloud nine and kept saying "I can't believe this is happening!" Brendan and I had sent each other gifts, and his sweet card had made me so happy. (These 2 are my photos):

Brendan got cuff links with our married monogram (I took this photo at a later event). 

The solid strand of pearls is from Brendan, the other is my "something borrowed," a bracelet his grandfather gave to his grandmother when they were dating (maternal side). 
I had my something old (monogramed handkerchiefs from my grandmother), something new (the dress and veil!), something borrowed (see above) and something blue (panties). I even had a sixpence for my shoe. I got some help with the veil (a gift from Brendan's mom), and then I was really ready.

Outside, my little cousins (flower girls) and Brendan's little cousin (ring-bearer) took some photos. Some people couldn't believe we were having so many kids in our wedding, but they all did great, and it was really special to have them be a part of our day. I love all these kiddos!

Outside, the musicians, the amazing viola/harp and husband/wife team Angelic Strings, were playing, and the guests were seated.

It was time to go (and I was definitely ready to start). I was SO ready to marry Brendan...

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