Thursday, September 5, 2013

Backtracking: Our Wedding After Party

Our wedding day went by so fast! From getting ready, to our beautiful ceremony, to our amazing reception, the day was a bit of a blur; but, at the end of the night, we took some time to just take it in. Everyone says your wedding is the only time everyone you love will be in one place at once...we wanted as many opportunities to enjoy that as possible, and thus, the after party was planned.

We had been picked up from the reception in a classic convertible, and took an hour to just take a joyride around downtown Austin. It was really fun because everyone downtown was yelling out "Congrats!" and we had some time to decompress and rest our voices, (and I could finally kick my heels off!) Mostly, we were just thrilled to be married, and happy that the wedding went so well. We had planned for over a year, but that night was well worth all the effort. Our wedding day was definitely one of the best days of my life, and I was absolutely blissful, even at midnight!

Meanwhile, a charter bus took guests back to the hotel or after party, their choice (the same bus transported the guests initially from the hotel to the wedding). 

Best men, Justin (front) and Bill (back). 
Friends Eric and Peggy
The buses were a must for me because I wanted to make sure everyone had safe transportation after an evening of celebrating. They brought us peace of mind, and our guests were comfortable and happy to not have to worry about directions. 

After our joyride, which ended up being a little longer than anticipated, we arrived at the after party. Nomads was the location we picked because they had both indoor and outdoor space, a low key Austin vibe that we love, and affordable drinks. It was exactly the atmosphere we wanted, and it was extremely close to the hotel too. We were REALLY surprised by how many of our guests showed up, given that our wedding ended at midnight; about half of our 175 guests continued partying with us until two in the morning! 

We weren't really tired...there were so many more people to talk to and catch up with. It seemed like everyone in the whole bar was a guest at our wedding (the owner was thrilled and offered us a free submarine tour in Maui, but we didn't end up having the time to go!)

I have great memories of the after singing along with the jukebox to "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" with some of Brendan's cousins, and dancing with my high school buddies. I also got to talk to some friends that I had barely seen at the wedding. Even our parents made it to the after party! 

Brendan got to put his Red Sox cap on and get comfortable. 

With friends Tony and Cole
My bestie and maid of honor, Corley, still by my side at 2am! 
We left around 2:15 in the morning, and arrived back at the hotel at 2:20...Brendan and I stayed up until 4:00 just reading cards and talking about the day. A guest snapped this photo of us in front our hotel room, and it was the last picture we posed for that day.

We set the alarm for 8:30am, and joined our guests downstairs in the hotel courtyard for breakfast the next morning. Best idea ever: block a hotel with a free, made to order, hot breakfast. Not only did our guests enjoy this everyday, but the morning after the wedding, we were able to eat and visit with everyone without having to plan and organize yet another event. It was definitely a win/win situation!

I wore the sweatshirt Brendan made for me to breakfast. He used Boston Red Sox uniform fonts and colors (our wedding colors were Boston Red Sox red and navy) for the design. The sweatshirt was comfy for the plane as well, and made getting those honeymoon upgrades, (we had a row to ourselves and were able to sleep), easier ;)

Our mom's drove us to the airport that afternoon for our flight to Hawaii:

The whirlwind wedding weekend was over, but the rest of our adventures were just beginning!

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