Sunday, September 8, 2013

Camping in Cloudcroft, NM

Last weekend, Brendan and I set out to take advantage of the long weekend with our first camping trip in over 2 years. This is the first time we've had our own camping gear (last time, we borrowed from friends), so we're finally able to take advantage of some of the awesome locations not far from Midland; (thanks for the awesome wedding gifts friends and family!)

Cloudcroft is 4.5 hours away from Midland. We found a home in the Apache campgrounds and set up. We LOVED this area for its tall pine trees, hundreds of hiking trails, and the cute town it is situated in. Labor day weekend was the last weekend the campgrounds were open, and they don't open again until mid May, so I'm really glad we took this trip. We lucked out with the weather: it wasn't too cold (about 55 at night-81during the day the whole weekend), and it only rained a couple of hours on one day. It was REALLY nice to escape the heat for a few days (still highs in the 90s here).

Here were the highlights:

Hiking the Osha Trail
Apple Picking (at the Orchard's next to the Apple Barn)
The best root beer float of my life at the Apple Barn
Cooking our favorite camp foods (Veggie Burgers, Mac n' cheese, egg sandwiches) on our new camp stove
S'more making by the fire
Playing endless games of Rummy 500
A lecture we attended on Billy the Kid at the campsite
A walk down a cross-country ski path (no snow yet, obviously)
Eating at Big Daddy's Diner in town
Antiquing at "Nothing Fancy" (We found lives up to its name!)

Enjoy our photos. We will definitely return to Cloudcroft one day!

Now that I'm finished backtracking with the wedding posts, Lola and Zoe will be much more up to date! Look for a post from us about this weekend soon!

<3 S, B, L&Z

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