Friday, September 13, 2013

Patio Perfect

When you live in under 1,000 square feet, every inch of space you have counts, or at least, it should. Enter the story of how I finally hit my breaking point with the state of our balcony area.

Originally, we had a table and some folding chairs out there. In the spring, summer, and fall, our patio was a favorite place to eat, have a drink, or visit with friends. Then, the cheap patio chairs we had broke in the spring, and over the hectic summer, we never bothered to replace them (granted, we weren't here much). With nicer weather approaching, I finally put Brendan and I on a mission last weekend: reclaim the patio as a space we enjoy being in.

The first step was admitting that it was going to cost us some money. Sure, we could buy more cheap replacement chairs, but they weren't a.) comfortable, or b.) going to last very long. I wanted something better for our space. The table we had, which I bought four years ago, already worked, so finding something that matched the red orange/color was key because we didn't want to spend more money than necessary.

Trips to HomeGoods and Target brought us home empty handed, but we finally found chairs we liked at Pier One. The only catch was that we had to order them and wait a few days for them to come in. Also, we decided the chairs needed something to make them more comfortable, so we searched in the store for some cushions. We choose white chairs with turquoise cushions. We couldn't match the color of the table, so instead, we had to find colors that complimented it. Signing up for a Pier one credit card saved us 10% on the purchase price. We came in under $300, and we hope these chairs will last us a few years (we will move the cushions inside for wind or rain to keep them looking nice).

We set everything up on Wednesday, and then last night, it was a cool and calm evening, the kind that's perfect for dinner on the patio. Here's Brendan, looking very impressed with his homemade pizza and my farmer's market salad:

Finally, we are enjoying all of our space once again. And THAT is priceless! Here's to your weekend and to making the most of what you have!

<3 S, B, L&Z

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