Sunday, October 13, 2013

3 Years Together

October 12th is no longer our "real" anniversary, but we'll take any excuse to celebrate. Instead of our normal weekend trip, we went out to dinner last night and saw the British farce A Perfect Wedding at the community theater here. From now on, we'll save the trips for our "real" anniversaries, but perhaps still do something small for October 12th.

Coincidentally, our wedding anniversary and anniversary of dating are 99 days apart, so it was also fun to reflect on our first months of marriage.

We picked up our wedding rings just two days before our wedding. I remember looking at them and  thinking, okay this is finally happening. It felt like we were engaged forever. Time definitely moves faster on the other side of marriage!

A few people have asked us how married life feels; basically, it feels the same, except now our kitchen is much fancier (thanks to all the wedding gifts) and our finances are officially 100% combined, which makes it easier to plan for long term goals together. We were off from work for 6.5 weeks after our wedding, and that was really ideal because it allowed us to have a super long honeymoon and still have time to come home, organize the gifts, write thank you notes, deal with my name change process, etc. All of that time, we were 100% focused on newlywed bliss mode. We've been back at work for about 8 weeks now, and that has been really busy, especially because we both have overload and because I'm just starting at Midland College. Even though we've returned to the "real world," I would say newlywed life still has a certain novelty about it. It's really nice to finally be husband and wife, and I enjoy having the same last name. The name change took some getting used to, especially since it's the only name my students use (I still have a bit of a delay when responding to it!), and while I've switched over everything important, there are still numerous accounts (frequent flyer, store credit cards, etc.) that I haven't changed yet. I'm still working on some wedding projects (like photo albums), and we are expecting our wedding video back soon.

In other news, we're hanging on with this crazy semester. Next week is midterm week, and also the end of my 8 week flex course in developmental writing. I'm hoping over 3/4ths of my students will move up with me to Composition I for the second 8 weeks. It's hard to believe we're almost halfway there. I am excited for fall weather (we've finally been enjoying some cooler temperatures and it's thundering outside!), and the semester definitely gets easier once everyone is adjusted to being back.

Happy Sunday, Funday everyone!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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