Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halfway Done!

The Fall 2013 semester is half over, so after administering midterms on Friday, Brendan and I hit the road for a weekend in Austin. In two years of living here, we have never gone to Austin for just a weekend. It's a little much car time for only a day and a half with family, but we had a good excuse this time, as my brother's girlfriend, Maisie, and my cousin Elena were both in from out of town.

Friday night, we ate with my family at Clay Pit, one of my favorite restaurants and then got drinks with Graham and Maisie at Nomads, the site of our wedding after party.

Saturday was low key: breakfast at Julios with the family, shopping with Mom, drinks with friends at Rio Ritas, and dinner prepared by Graham and Maisie at Graham's new house. Maisie made her famous key lime pie, lucky us! Below: friends and fellow Red Sox fans Cassie and John at Rio Ritas.

This morning was the cousin's brunch at Jack Allen's. My first time there, and it was pretty tasty. My cousins all wrote this blog article at cousin's brunch, since they knew exactly how the entry would sound. I guess that means that they are all avid readers, right guys ;)

My dad is on a cleaning out the garage kick, so we brought two bicycles home to Midland with us. Brendan is fixing one up for me, so hopefully, I can ride around the neighborhood soon.

We're home now, and a little worn out.  I feel encouraged though: 8 weeks to go, and I know we can do it.

Here's to the second half.
<3 S, B, L&Z

With "ghostwriting" from G&M, M&A, S&C, and E ;)

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