Thursday, October 24, 2013

Living Room 2.0

Our living room situation was in need of some major improvement. Primarily because the cats did some serious damage to the chaise lounge: 

But also because the chaise has never been a comfortable place to sit, and we don't have the space to host non-functional furniture at this point. 

Enter the search for a loveseat...ahhh, how we could NOT find something agreeable. We looked in stores, we looked online, and we never found something that met our criteria. Are we just crazy, or is most furniture seriously ugly?

But finally, while browsing the internet one day, Brendan stumbled upon it at West Elm. A loveseat that looked cute and decently comfortable too. As a bonus, it was custom order only, so we could pick our fabric and color. After much googling of "fabric cats won't scratch," we decided on "performance velvet" and the color "ink blue." We were even able to save 10% on the order AND get white glove delivery, where the couch would be assembled and delivered to us, with no packaging to worry about cleaning up after. 

The only issue was we were told it would be mid-November before the loveseat arrived (we ordered in September). We were happy to get a call this week that our loveseat was on its way a few weeks early. 

A trip to Pier One for some throw pillows (we saved 30%) and a throw (20% off plus $10 off), and the look was complete! 

I love it! The best part is, so far, the cats do NOT scratch it, and it is actually a comfy place to sit. While this loveseat wasn't cheap, I hope it's a piece we will enjoy for years. 

The chaise was a $150 purchase on craigslist and lasted me 5 years; it's back on craigslist for sale, and so far, we've been offered $55 for it. Whoever takes it will hopefully reupholster it, and the chaise will have a second life, so it's a happy ending for everyone. 

In other "new" news, we bought the cats another scratching post and a catnip toy as a "peace offering" for losing their favorite scratching "toy." We also decided it was time to update their collars. The original collars were a gift from their "aunt Corley," but after 5 years, they were falling apart and missing rhinestones. Here's Brendan with Lola and her new collar. He's showing off his Red Sox beard. 

Zoe's new collar:

Replacing the collars was a bit emotional. I remember every few weeks or so when they were kittens, I'd slip the collars on, but they weren't yet big enough to fit into them. It seems like they've grown up so fast, and we've been through so much together. The girls seem pretty happy with their new looks. And with the Red Sox in the World Series and the weekend fast approaching, it's safe to say, we're happy too. 

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Happy re-dos! 
<3 S, B, L&Z 

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  1. Aw :) Deh kittehs is growin' up. Love the new loveseat! The place looks great!


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