Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Weird Milestone

When every couple moves in together, they immediately assess what they need, and what they already have too much of. For Brendan and I, two things fell into the later category when we moved in this apartment in August of 2011: little tables and dryer sheets. A friend helping us move asked us if we were collecting little, we just happened to have 11 small tables between the two of us (believe it or not, we actually found a place for all 11). We also had about 280 dryer sheets. I was convinced we'd never have to buy them again. But last week, I realized we didn't have a single one left, and this week, they were on our grocery list.

A lot of things happened as we went through those three boxes of dryer sheets. Somewhere in there, we got engaged and then married. I started a new job...three times! We went from being absolutely broke to having a savings account. Lola and Zoe went from 28 to 36 (in cat years). We did a LOT of laundry. I was literally laughing when I told Brendan "You will never guess what we just ran out of." He guessed it.

In other news, we've had a pretty productive and low key weekend. The fridge is full, and now that we have some dryer sheets, I'm about to do laundry while Brendan finishes dinner. I'm so thankful for the extra hour today: I wish that happened every weekend! We're addicted to listening to This American Life lately, and we literally are devouring the episodes. Radio is actually more entertaining to me than television lately. Though I do love to watch this on Friday night.

Tonight, it's more reading and writing, as we head into week 11. On Thursday, I got the point where I literally finished all my grading...then on Friday, my students took a quiz. Sigh. That's why teachers say, ain't no break until the big break!

Have you hit any "weird milestones" lately? Let us know!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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