Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crunch Time

My life this week resembled a plate of pasta that was microwaved for too long and exploded everywhere.

However, pressure and self-imposed deadlines have always equaled productivity in my world, so even though the days have been insanely busy, they have also led to getting students their essays back, finishing a story, and completing my wedding album, along with meeting other mini-goals.

When yoga was canceled Wednesday night, I seized the opportunity to take a mid-week chill out with my friend, Kristen. Drinking wine and watching bad television ensued.

I also allowed myself to read an entire book for fun this past week. I'd been waiting for Marisha Pessl's next novel for years since Special Topics in Calamity Physics changed my life, and Night Film was worth the wait. Though I wasn't completely enthused by the last 100 pages, I am in complete awe of the believably tangible yet absolutely fantastical world Pessl created and her page turner plot. How long must I wait for the next book?

Tomorrow will prove to be a long day: I'm teaching, presenting at the faculty colloquium, doing a social event with Sigma Kappa Delta, grading, and finishing Fahrenheit 451, but sometimes, it is the crazy weeks that make you realize how interesting and fulfilling life can be.

I'm proud of what my students accomplished this week, and I think we could all use a weekend. Though Midland was 80 degrees today, we are expecting snow tomorrow morning. This desert life keep us on our toes!

Happy birthday to my newest Mom today!

Hope everyone is surviving their own "crunch times!"
<3 S, B, L&Z

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