Saturday, December 28, 2013

Brendan's 32nd

Bren's birthday yesterday was a delicious occasion! We rang in Dec 27 at a new cocktail lounge called weather up with friends. Brunch at south congress cafe with my parents started the morning off right. Then, it was back to the house for presents and pie. An amazing dinner at uchiko complete with two desserts, including the best chocolate dish ever was a highlight of the day. We ended the night at drought house pub (one of bren's favorite places) with several friends.  

Family and friends called and texted Bren yesterday to say happy birthday too. Think it's safe to say he's feeling loved (and ancient) today. ;)

We are now on the road to my grandmother's house for time with family. We'll also be traveling to Lake Charles to see friends and ring in the new year. 

Is there such a thing as too much celebrating? 
We don't think so. 
<3 s, b, l & z

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