Sunday, January 19, 2014

5 Meals, 3.75 Hours (My First Freezer to Crockpot Experience)

My wrists hurt. Seriously.

But I'm also singing "We Are the Champions." Also seriously.

I just had my first freezer to crockpot cooking day. I made 5 meals in 3 hours, 45 minutes. If that doesn't sound so impressive, think of it this way: each "meal" is going to feed us both 3 times. So it's more like 15 meals/30 servings worth of food. I've been wanting to do this ever since my Aunt Elaine got us the crockpot for my bridal shower.

One meal we ate for dinner tonight. It was this Stuffed Peppers recipe, and it was amazing. The recipe made 6 peppers, and we only ate 2 tonight, which means we have 2 more meals each in the fridge from those leftovers.

The other 4 meals are all vegan and came from this book: Rigatoni with Fennel and Spicy Peppers, Parsnip and Coconut Curry with Crispy Shallots, Santa Fe Sweet Potato Soup, and Tuscan Style Beans with Rosemary. They are currently sitting in my freezer. All I have to do is defrost the night before, put a liner on the crockpot, throw the meal in the crockpot, and cook all day while I'm at work...dinner with zero work, zero cleanup, and 4 more meals worth of leftovers each time. Um, sign me up for that!

Another thing I love? All meals are healthy: no butter, no sugar, just fresh ingredients cooked in a little bit of olive oil.

Today consisted of making a long grocery list, hitting the store, and doing nearly 4 hours of this (thanks to Brendan for helping with clean-up and a few chopping tasks).

We cleaned up everything at the was nice because if I had made each recipe individually, there would have been more overall time spent cleaning up.

In addition to the ingredients, make sure you have gallon freezer bags and a sharpie on hand. You need to write the directions for how long to cook each recipe on the bag, so you don't forget!

Also, do not, and I repeat: DO NOT underestimate the awesomeness of the crockpot liners. You literally lift it out when you are done cooking and there is ZERO cleaning of the crockpot needed. Trust me, you will have MANY pots, pans, cutting boards, and utensils to clean, so don't add one more thing! UPDATE: Using metal spoon in crockpot will tear liner, so make sure to avoid that.

I had fun doing this, but really am tired from being on my feet all day and from all the chopping. I highly recommend picking a long weekend for this activity if you have that luxury.

I'll definitely let you guys know how the other four meals turn out. I'm making a big lasagna tomorrow for tomorrow night, and I plan to not cook anymore for the rest of the week!

Okay, I'm off to relax and take some ibuprofen (for my wrist pain--ouch).

Have you ever done a crockpot to freezer day? How'd it go and what'd you make?

We hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I'm excited for it to continue tomorrow!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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