Saturday, January 25, 2014

Graham's Visit

My brother Graham came in town Thursday (from Austin) for a visit and just left. We so enjoyed his company! Thursday night, I cooked Tuscan Style Beans with Rosemary in the crockpot, one of the recipes I made on Sunday, and we visited at home. The recipe was delicious, and we enjoyed having some good dinner conversation (and some company for me while Brendan taught his night class).

Friday, Brendan and I both had work, but then enjoyed dinner at La Bodega (my favorite Mexican food in town) and drinks and shuffleboard at the Lone Star Bar (which Graham got a kick out of). 

This morning, we enjoyed breakfast at Lori's, shopping for antiques, and homemade ice cream at Alfredos. Breakfast faces: 

We'll miss you Grahamers! 


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