Saturday, January 4, 2014

Home and Productive

Brendan and I had an amazing winter break, but yesterday, after brunch with my parents, it was time for us and the cats to head home. We made it back to Midland a little after seven last night. We unloaded the car and opened Christmas cards from dozens of family and friends. I'm going to need a new bulletin board to display them all! I made dinner and Brendan cleaned up, and then we watched part of the first Lord of the Rings movie (I bought Brendan the trilogy as one of his birthday presents).

This morning, I woke up at ten, which is actually earlier than we've been waking up (when left to our own devices, we end up on a 2am-11am sleep schedule), wrote eight and 3/4 pages, gave Zoe a much needed bath (Lola never needs them, but Zoe gets dandruff), and made breakfast using our new griddle (it was awesome). Then I unpacked my suitcases, put away Christmas gifts, straightened up the apartment, and even read a little. While Brendan made dinner, I took down all of the Christmas decor and put it all back in the closet. I was a little sad to see it go, but didn't want to start work with it still hanging around. I backed up and updated my iphone and created some much needed storage space. Why can't every Saturday be this productive? Clearly, when well rested, I am capable of doing wonders!

You know that saying "time flies when you're having fun"? I think it is actually the opposite that is true. Time goes by much faster when you are in the same routine. Our breaks (winter break and summer break especially) always seem much longer when compared to the same amount of time in "normal" life. One thing I love about our jobs is that we are able to shake our routines quite often, and the time out in the world and away from our life as we know it is always rejuvenating to the max. I feel like the last three weeks have been slow enough to fully enjoy: I saw a lot of friends and family in Austin, La Marque, Lake Charles, Orange, and Houston, we had a great Christmas, a wonderful celebration of Brendan's 32nd birthday, and a happy New Year, and oh my gosh did we eat some good food.

Tonight, we'll probably watch more Lord of the Rings (I've never seen the whole series). Brendan is cooking dessert right now (something he won't tell me about because he's afraid it won't turn out, isn't he something?). As for the piles of laundry and restocking the fridge? Hopefully, we'll get to it tomorrow, on our last official day of break (tomorrow is also our half anniversary :)

Then Monday, we'll go back to "life as we know it" (or, something like that, we go back to work but won't actually have students until the 13th). I'm a little sad to see winter break come to a close, but I'm excited to take on the Spring 2014 semester. We have a lot to look forward to this year, both professionally and personally, and I'm feeling lucky.

<3 S, B, and two happy-to-be-home kitties L&Z

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