Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Spring in Our Step

Spring semester is now officially underway, and we've begun the real work of teaching. This semester, I'm teaching Integrated Reading and Writing III, Composition I, Composition II, and American Literature. I'm also continuing my work as a tutor and the tutoring coordinator in the campus writing center, as well as serving as a co-advisor, along with Brendan, for Sigma Kappa Delta (the English honor's society).

Brendan is teaching Composition II, Creative Writing, and Advanced Creative Writing. He is taking on a new role in the honor's program and will attend a conference in Arkansas at the end of March.

Safe to say, we'll have another busy semester, but staying busy is probably good for us!

In other news, true to my word, we did put up a bulletin board in the kitchen to display all of the holiday cards we got (and our wedding themed 2014 calendar: yes, I am serious about getting the most use from these photos as possible). Fun fact: I literally still use a wall calendar to organize my life. In the age of google calendars and iphone calendars, I realize this may seem inefficient, but it works for me. I do use an online calendar that my students access though, so there's that too! I really like this bulletin board because I can put up any important info on there's also fun to see all these friendly faces everyday.

Happy halfway through the work week everyone! I'm looking forward to the longgggg weekend.

<3 S, B, L&Z

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