Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekend Update

Our first week back at work was inservice week, which is a week of meetings and getting ready before the students come back.

Oh my gosh, how I miss the students. Please don't send me to another meeting :)

My little cough turned into a cold on Tuesday night, but I think I've turned the corner now. Brendan thought he was doomed to catch my cold, but looks like his immune system conquered it (knock on wood). I started yoga again on Wednesday despite feeling icky, and it was SO hard. It is always a challenge to regain fitness after the laziness and eating that comes with winter break, but I'm looking forward to getting active again.

We got up this morning and went to the monthly farmer's market (it won't be weekly again until April). We scored some awesome heirloom tomatoes and some rainbow chard, but that was about it. The strawberries Albertson's had were superb, so we prepared a summery meal in January for dinner tonight (why not!).

Other than that, it's been a low key weekend. We enjoyed breakfast tacos at Oscars this morning (my first trip, Brendan's second), and I really liked them (not as good as beloved Julios in Austin though, but good). The rest of my day included so much laundry, online shopping, and resting up before week one of the semester begins.

We have so many errands to run tomorrow, but I don't mind because it is supposed to be a gorgeous 78 degrees and sunny. I know we will get more cold snaps, but I'm going to enjoy this warmer weather while I can.

Happy weekend everyone!
<3 S, B, L&Z

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