Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Sick and Snowy Superbowl Sunday

Poor Brendan :( 

After being sick last night, and running a 101 fever this morning, we took him to the walk-in clinic and discovered that he has a case of the stomach flu (not influenza, but a virus). 

He is on a bland foods and lots of liquids diet and will have to miss work tomorrow. We've been securing subs for the classes I can't help cover. Luckily, Brendan has Tuesdays off this semester, which will grant him a couple of days to recover. In the meantime, Zoe is keeping him company. 

We also had snow last night/early this morning. After 72 degrees yesterday, it sure was a change. 

Tonight, we'll be watching the super bowl from home, instead of with friends (obviously). I'll be making Brendan an exciting dinner of baked potato and rice in veggie broth. 

Here's to hoping our guy gets well soon. And we hope your Superbowl Sunday is more fun that ours! 


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