Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My First Stitch Fix Review (February 2014)

When I first heard about Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service, I knew I had to try it for myself, and when my first fix came today, it was just as fun as I thought it would be. 

Here's the deal with Stitch Fix

  • It's NOT a monthly subscription service. You can order a fix anytime, as often or as infrequently as you want it. 
  • You pay $20 to have a stylist send you five pieces (a mix of tops, bottoms, and accessories). UPSIDE: you can apply the 20 dollars towards any of the items in your fix. HOWEVER: If you don't like anything, you're out 20 dollars. 
  • You create a very detailed profile with your size and style preferences, and you tell the stylist what you are looking for. You can be as specific as you want: if you want a dress for Valentine's day, they'll send you several options. You can also tell them what your budget is. Plus, you can include a Pinterest board to show them styles you like. 
  • If you decide to keep all 5 items in your fix, you save 25%. 
  • You return any of the items you don't want for FREE (pre-paid postage envelope included). 
  • Anyone can do it! It's a fun way to add things to your wardrobe that you wouldn't necessarily pick out for yourself. 
  • It's especially good for people who are busy or who don't like to go shopping (me!) 
Okay, so here is what my experience was like (I paid for this myself, and this is my honest review):

It was like getting a present in the mail! 

My stylist was Sally, and she sent me a cute little note. All of the items in my fix (a bracelet, a blouse, a pair of skinny jeans, a skirt, and a cardigan would have costed $231.00 extra (styling fee is applied, so $251 total). I thought the prices in my fix were reasonable. 

My fix also came with a little card that gave suggestions about what to pair with each piece. I thought that was useful. In my fix was: 

Johnny Skinny Jeans 
Under the Skies Colorblock Blouse 
Cameron Wooden Bracelet 
Claire Polka Dot Skirt 
and Camelot Stripe and Dot Cardigan 

I was able to try everything on at home with my own clothes and mirror, which was really nice.
First up, the Cameron Wooden Bracelet. I knew I was going to return this one; it just wasn't my thing. On to the clothes! 
Item 1: Cameron Wooden Bracelet 
Next up was the Johnny Skinny Jeans and the Under the Skies Colorblock blouse. I LOVED these jeans. They were comfortable and looked great. The only problem was, I wanted one size bigger for myself (I like a little breathing room, you know?). I immediately found them at Nordstrom for the same price and ordered those. I wouldn't have found this brand on my own, and I'm happy my fix introduced them to me. The blouse looked really cute with these jeans, but I didn't like how it looked with my other clothes (I wanted it to be smaller/more fitted). I returned it. 

Items 2 and 3: Johnny Skinny Jeans and Under the Skies Colorblock Blouse
Up next, the Camelot Stripes and Dot Cardigan. I loved this and it was very "me." The fit was nice, and the cardigan was good quality.
Item 4: Camelot Stripe and Dot Cardigan (Shown with Item 2: Johnny Skinny Jeans)

Finally, the last item, the Claire Polka Dot Skirt. I thought this was really cute in theory, but just too long in practice for my short frame. 
Item 5: Claire Polka Dot Skirt 
After I was done deciding, I filled out a review for each item and "checked out" online. 

I kept the Camelot Stripe and Dot Cardigan. It was $28.00 and my $20 styling fee was applied, so I paid $8.00 extra when I checked out. I can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow. The rest of the clothes will go in the pre-paid envelope, be dropped off at the post office, and be returned for free. It doesn't get easier than that, right? 

Of course, I immediately scheduled my next fix: 

I told the stylist that I wanted colorful pieces for my spring break trip to Los Angeles. I also told them to skip the jewelry; I'm more interested in clothes for next time. 

Well, if you haven't tried Stitch Fix, here's the link. 

If you have tried Stitch Fix, what did you think? 

I'm off to make the first "real" dinner Brendan has had in a few days! 


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