Friday, February 7, 2014

Starting the Weekend With a Bang(up)

Poor Brendan, this is just not his week. After recovering from his stomach flu and heading back to work on Wednesday, he dislocated/fractured his finger playing basketball with some co-workers this afternoon.

He called me from the Emergency Room, where a co-worker had driven him, so I immediately drove downtown and found him already admitted.


Numbing shots and X-Rays were given...

and then followed by a procedure to "pop" his finger back into place. Then more X-rays which confirmed a small fracture...and then a splint, pain prescription, and instructions to follow-up with an orthopedist next week.

How's that for a start to the weekend?!

We plan to still go forward with plans to eat out and see a play tonight. Lets hope our guy doesn't have any more incidents that send us to Urgent Care/the ER!

<3 and TGIF!

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