Sunday, February 16, 2014

Warm, Warm Weekend

With temperatures in the 80s both days this weekend, Brendan and I took advantage of this warm, warm weekend and got some sun.

On Saturday, we headed to the park with books, snacks, and blankets, and proceeded to read in the sun. It felt amazing, and I even got a little pink on my arms!

"Just leave me here, okay?" 

We also made friends with this lucky ladybug: 

Think she'll bring us good luck? I hope so! 
After the park, we sat outside and shared some fries and had drinks. 

Yum, fries.

This morning, we did some work and hung out with the cats. 

Lola's sun nap
Then we went to our friends Jennifer and Mike's house and enjoyed treats and Limonata in their backyard.

All in all, I never wanted this weekend to end. (Why does it have to!) 

Hope the warmer temperatures last all week as our 5 day forecast is calling for! 


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